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Rocket Studios

Production Services & Equipment Rentals
38-10 29th Street
Long Island City, New York 11101
718-482-8082 482-8083 fax

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Rocket Studios stocks an wide array of professional and stage perforamce ready bass amps. Bass rigs are our speciality and passion. We we can provide a variety of head combos and speaker cabinets so your "bottom end," sub-sonic boom boom is covered, tight and in the pocket! Our racks stack the best in town, including Ampeg, Aguilar, Mesa Boogie, Hartke, Hughes & Kettner, Eden, Polytone, SWR and more.



410 Speaker/AH750
DB 750 Amp Top
750 Watts, All tube pre-amp GS212 Cab
2x12 Speakers, Neutrick Speakon

GS401 Speaker Cab
4x10 Speakers, Neurtik Speakon
GS412 Speaker Cab
4x10 Speakers, Neurtik Speakon


Portbass PB-212H Speaker Cab 2x12
Portbass PB-250 Amp top 250 Watts
Portabass PBC-250 Combo
250 Watts, 2x8 Speakers

SVT 6 Pro
750 Watts, Master Volume, Efx Loop

Portabass PB-112H Speaker Cab
1x12 Speakers
Portabass PB-210C Como
2x10 Speakers

300 Watts, EQ
450 Watts, Graphic EQ, EFX Loop

SVT-4 Pro Amp Top
300 Watts dual channel/600W mono-bridge
SVT-410HLF Speaker Cab
4x10 Speakers with 2" horn

SVT-2 Pro Amp Top
300 Watts, Graphic EQ
SVT-410HE Speaker Cab
2x10 Speakers with 1" horn

SVT-5 Pro Amp Top
500 Watt dual channel
SVT-810E Speaker Cab
8x10 Speakers, Classic Series

SVT CL Amp Top
300 Watts, Classic Series

B15/ SVT 4/SVT 8X10 Speaker


1x15 Bass Speaker Cab
1x15 Speakers, Two-Way Cabinet
2x10 Bass Wedge Cab
2x10 Speakers, XLT Model

4x10 Bass Speaker Cab
4x10 Speakers, XL & XLT Models
6x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet
6x10 Speakers, HF Horn

Metro Bass Combo 2x10
Speakers, Tweeter, 300 Watts
World Tour 800 Bass Ampeg
800 Watts, Stereo, EQ

115XLT Speaker
410XLT Speaker/800WT

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400 Pro Bass Combo
350 Watts, 2x10 Speakers
8x10 Bass Cab
8x10 Speakers, HF Horn
Basssman 1200 Bass Amp Top
1200 Watts, EQ, EFX Loop, Compressor
Bassman 300 Bass Amp top
300 Watts, EQ, EFX Loop, Compressor

Bass Amp

Galian Kruegar

1001 Bass Amp Top
1000 Watts, Bi-Amped, Solid State
400RB Bass Amp Top
200 Watts, Solid State

800RB Bass Amp top
300 Watts, Bi-Amped, Solid State
MB 150E Bass Combo
150 Watts, 1x12 Speaker


1x15 Speaker Cab
1x15 Aluminum Coned Speaker
3500 Bass Amp Top
350 Watts, Graphic EQ, Solid State

4.5 Speaker Cab
4x10 Aluminum Coned Speaker
4.5 Tweeter
400 Bass Amp Top
400 Watts Graphic EQ, EFX loop

Hughes & Kettner

2x15 Bass Speaker Cab
2x15 Speakers
4x10 Bass Speaker Cab
4x10 Speakers

HK600 Bass Amp Top
650 Watts, Stereo Pre-amp

Mesa Boogie

1x15 Bass Cab
1x15 Speaker
2x15 Bass Cab
2x15 Speaker

4x10 Bass Cab
4x10 Speaker
8x10 Bass Cab
8x10 Speaker


Mini Brute Boost Combo
110 Watts, 2 Channel
1x12 Speaker, Spring Reverb


1x15 Bass Speaker Cab
1x15 Speaker, HF Horn
1x18 Bass Speaker Cab
1x18 Speaker, HF Horn

SM900 Bass Amp
900 Watts, Stereo, EQ
Workingman 12 Combo
120 Watts 1x10 Speaker

California Blonde
120 Watts 1x12 Speaker 2 Channel
Megolith 8x10 Bass Cab
8x10 Speaker, HF Horn

Redhead Bass Combo
350 Watts 2x10 Speakers HF Horn
SM400 Bass Amp Top
400 Watts, Stereo, EQ

Trace Elliot

1X15 Bass Speaker Cab
1X15 Speaker
4X10 Bass Speaker Cab
4X10 Speakers, HF Hor


steinway grand

MIDI drums

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